About Us

Our Company

Anichem is a pharmaceutical research and development organization located in central New Jersey. We provide integrated services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Our current main business focus is to develop novel small-molecule synthetic reagents and methodologies for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Based on our proprietary chemistries, the company's technology is focused on biologically-biased drug-like scaffolds, multifunctional building blocks used in diverse and target-oriented synthesis. These compounds provide researchers in drug discovery a rapid and reliable access to target molecules. We offer high quality, custom-made organic chemicals from gram to kilogram scales. We also provide custom synthesis and contract research service to our clients in order to support their drug discovery efforts.

Our People

The core foundation of Anichem is attributed to our experienced chemists with the expertise to conduct complex multi-step synthetic sequences (typical range of 2 - 20 steps). Our New Jersey research site has a strong chemistry team consisting of chemists holding Ph.D. and M.S. degrees, who have demonstrated a track record of scientific excellence, quality, and deliverability by providing research-intensive chemistry products and services to our customers around the world.

Our Facility

Our facility is well equipped with standard and large walk-in hoods as well as modern synthetic and analytical instruments.

Specialized Equipment

  • Hydrogenator ( 80-2000 psi)
  • 2-20 liter Parr reactors
  • 50 and 100 liter glass reactor
  • Buchi R-220 20 liter Rotavapor
  • Ozone Generator up to 5 lb per day
  • Microwave reactor

On-Site Analytical Capabilities

  • Multi-nuclei 300 MHz NMR spectroscope
  • Waters and Shimadzu HPLCs
  • Analytical and preparative Chiral HPLCs
  • Shimadzu LC-MS's
  • Karl Fischer Titration Test
  • Polarimeter